I Build Web Applications

Your company can use my help

My name is David Pennington and I have over 10 years experience developing solutions for web, mobile, and now desktop applications.

As a developer, I've written everything from user interfaces, to audio processing software, to server management tools and work queues. I specialize in performant web sites for the masses.

Stackoverflow lists me in the top 2% of all developers. People from around the world have contacted me with questions about code I've shared and solutions I've presented online.

I have written and released dozens of open source projects and libraries used by thousands of developers around the world. I've given away millions of lines of code.

I'm looking for a team

If your company is doing anything exciting, you will have a variety of technologies. I'm as comfortable writing Go handlers as React components or Redis lookups. If you have a question about a technology stack for a certain use-case please reach out.

Seeking Full/Part-time Senior Position

Development: Front or Backend
Position: Team or Solo
Location: Dallas, TX or Telecommute

Recently I built:

A Search Engine
A genre-specific search covering a large collection of religious sites. Based on the original research papers published by Google, I implemented a concurrent crawler, parser, and storage solution in Go using PageRank.

Public Speaking, Texting App
Allowing the audience to text questions directly to a public speaker without passing the microphone around. Built with Angular.js and Go.

MovieSlice Editor AI
I built a statistics-based editor to automatically edit videos for me giving a quick rough draft and saving hours of work. Artificial intelligence helps companies work quicker.

Old Projects:

Static, Static Content Generator
Following the success of site generators like Jekyll, I built "jr" to showcase what is possible by off-loading processing to a client. Built in native Javascript.

Swiftlogin Single-Sign On
SwiftLogin (Video) was the first email-provider SSO service. 4 months later Mozilla released a beta of a "new" competing BrowserID service (later renamed "Persona"). Mozilla also failed to gain traction and eventually shutdown the service.



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