David Pennington

A Fullstack Developer

In fact, perhaps yours.

PHP Development
Web API Experience
Frontend Development
Linux Server Administration

nice graphs, how about some examples?


I maintain the MicroMVC PHP Framework. Despite it's name, it is a full-featured PHP framework complete with ORM. In fact, it is the fastest framework there is.

Debian Linux

I am the creator and maintainer of a very popular Debian installer for helping to setup servers in a snap. Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL, IPTables, and more.

Open Source

I have written and released dozens of open source projects and libraries. Totally free, under the MIT.


I released a lifestream mashup, (think tumblr clone) using only jQuery and free web APIs. No server-side anything. Out of hundreds of entries, it placed as a notable mention in 10k Apart.

Code Golf

Remember kids, no mater how cool that 5kB forum system seems, just say no.

All Together Now

For an example of design, backend, frontend, and server administration all together - see my social network.


Building a Tiny House.

Want to talk? email@davidpennington.me